Shelby is a multidisciplinary designer, researcher and art director. She recently graduated from the MA Visual Communication program at the Royal College of Art (Distinction, 2019). 

Interested in the future of design, publishing and public engagement, she is passionate about working collaboratively across disciplines. Over the past eight years she has worked with Wallpaper* Magazine (UK), Roots Canada Ltd. (CA), Peekd (DE), OVO (CA), Royal College of Art (UK), The Toronto International Film Festival (CA) and DECIEM (CA). 

Her work has been featured in Typography Referenced, on Creative Boom, in various publications from the Royal College of Art and University of the Arts London, and she has been invited to deliver talks in both Canada and the United Kingdom. She has also served as a visiting lecturer at Brunel University London (19/20) and an adjunct assistant professor at The University of Utah (20/21).

If you’d like to discuss an opportunity to collaborate, request my full portfolio or just say hi!, reach out at

Skilled in:
✓ Branding
✓ Art Direction
✓ Design Research & Strategy
✓ Project Management 
✓ Typography & Illustration
✓ Packaging Design

∙York University, CA (2021)
∙Royal College of Art, UK (2020)
∙York University, CA (2019)
∙Type Tuesday, UK (2018)

Recent Exhibitions:

∙Gladstone House, CA (forthcoming)

∙Canada Modern x DesignTO, CA (2021)

∙Studio_54 Showcase, ID (2021)

∙Unknown Quantities, UK (2019)

∙RCA ‘Show’, UK (2019)

∙RCA ‘Work-in-Progress’, UK (2019)

∙PROOF!, UK (2019)

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