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place   Berlin, DE



peekd is a data science company helping clients excel with perfect market insights based on first-party data. We developed a strong and recognizable brand for them, informed by their unique service and approach to big data.

Our team worked closely with peekd’s senior management to develop the identity. As a company they wanted their branding to feel young and innovative, yet also mature and trustworthy. AI and big data can feel cold and impersonal, yet with a strong focus on the client and a fresh approach, peekd should be seen as proactive, responsive and human.

The visual identity maintains a sleek, streamlined aesthetic with minimal typography and graphic elements, lending itself to peekd’s unique approach. The pictogram and all typography is set in Lelo (from Camelot Type Foundry), a geometric sans serif based on early monospaced typography. The pictogram merges the first and last letter of the company name, referencing the thoroughness of peekd’s approach, and forming a shape reminiscent of an infinity symbol. The branding system maintains a colour scheme consisting of blue, grey and white, used interchangeably across print and digital channels. Data visualizations and infographics show complex systems utilizing a simple, straightforward style.

In collaboration with Zea Lindström, Marco Zifaro and Frederikke Frydenlund.

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